Fire Ant Control Offer

Ant Control Program

Controls Activity For up-to 1 Year!

Protect your family from ant bites with our guaranteed annual ant control application. Our fire ant control treatment is applied to your entire property. This application will control all fire ant activity on your property for up to one year. If you see active fire ant mounds within that one year period, simply call us and we will return to treat the active mounds at no additional cost to you.

Ant Colony

A ant colony consists of three types of ants — queens, males and workers
Queens — fertile ant females are either winged, future queens that are virgin prior to the mating flight or wingless queens that shed their wings and lay eggs after mating. Most colonies have only one — mated egg-laying female — or queen.

Winged Males Mate with the Queens

Worker ants are wingless and sterile females. Adult workers differ in size. Larger forms are called “major workers,” the smaller forms are “minor workers.” Older workers forage and defend the nest while younger workers care for the developing brood (eggs, larvae and pupae).

Types of Ants

The imported ant is unique because it is a pest in both urban and rural areas. These ants directly affect people, animals, and plants. Fire ants are originally from South America, where dozens of fire ant species exist. There have been two introductions of fire ants which have led to current problems. The first was the black imported fire ant, which was likely brought from Argentina in 1918. A second and by far the most damaging species, known as the red imported fire ant, arrived sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s.