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By |2018-03-13T17:31:23+00:00May 24th, 2017|Weeds 1|

Type: Broadleaf annual
Size: 3 to 4 inches 6″ in diameter.Leaves are approximately ½ to 1½ inches long and ¼ to ½ inch wide.
Where it grows: grows […]


By |2017-05-25T13:33:27+00:00May 23rd, 2017|Weeds 1|


Type: Broadleaf annual
Size: 6 inches tall, 12 inches wide
Where it grows: Lawn, garden, and landscape areas with rich, moist soil in sun or shade
Appearance: Lush […]

Clover Weed

By |2017-05-26T16:47:19+00:00May 22nd, 2017|Weeds 1|

Clover Weed

Type:  Broadleaf Perennial
Size:   5.5″ to 11.5″ tall

Where it grows:  While it can grow in many different places, it is typically found in lawns, especially […]

Corn Speedwell

By |2017-05-26T16:56:03+00:00May 21st, 2017|Weeds 1|

Corn Speedwell

Type: Broadleaf annual
Size:  3.5″ to 15.7″ high from a taproot.
Where it grows: Overall, light is a major source to their survival and growth. In other words, […]

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