Corn Speedwell

Type: Broadleaf annual
Size:  3.5″ to 15.7″ high from a taproot.
Where it grows: Overall, light is a major source to their survival and growth. In other words, they can grow in darkness, however they will remain dormant unless they get light.
Appearance: Tiny blue flowers with a white throat; always with 4 petals, Distinctive heart-shaped seed pods, Small rounded leaves no more than 1/2 inch in diameter. Small blue to purple flowers about 10mm across.
Control: The most effective approach is to apply pre-emergence herbicides in the fall to prevent seeds from sprouting.
Note: Speedwell has a fibrous root system and is easily pulled by hand, especially when the soil is moist. It will not re-grow from the roots so hand weeding is effective as long as all of the leaves and stems are removed.

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