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Looking for a One Time Treatment?

Round Up or Pre-Emergent

At Top Turf we offer specialty services to our customers, such as a complete Roundup of their lawn to kill off weeds or grass that the customer just doesn’t want any more. We will also round-up your flower beds and get rid of any weeds you may have growing there. Lastly, we offer a pre-emergent treatment for your flowerbeds to keep the weeds down.

Our specialty services are at the discretion of each branch and all branches do not offer these services. Just contact your local Top Turf to see if they offer the services and schedule your treatment today!

Round-Up Lawn and Garden

Our Round-Up service is offered for our an entire lawn and also weeds in the garden. These are two separate services. The Lawn roundup consist of spraying your lawn and getting rid of all the weeds and random grass that the customer does not want, like common Bermuda. The Round-up of the flower beds is when we specifically target weeds that are growing in your garden such as Nut-sedge or Crabgrass etc.


Flower Bed Pre-Emergent


We offer a flower bed pre-emergent treatment to our customers. We will go out to your property and apply a pre-emergent weed control in order to prevent weed seed germination on your flower beds.