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Benefits of Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Deep root tree fertilization is like giving your plants a vitamin shot exactly where they need it. General fertilization treatments are absorbed by all elements around your tree. This reduces the amount your tree gets and consequently, its effectiveness.

While the traditional fertilization method distributes treatments around the tree, deep root tree fertilization goes beneath the surface and directly to the roots.

Top 3 benefits of deep root tree fertilization

  • Reduces soil compaction: Loosens the soil around the tree allowing the tree roots to breathe more easily
  • Provides effective soil aeration: The roots have easy access to water and nutrients that are essential for growth
  • Allows for better root function: Promotes root growth which increases the health and stability of your trees

While it is possible for property owners to accomplish this process themselves, inexperience can do more damage than good. Digging too much, for instance, can damage your tree while too little will be a wasted effort. It is also important to identify the tree’s drip line in order to be most effective.

Professional tree services like Top Turf have Certified Technicians and the right equipment to do the job for you. This means that it will be done correctly and in half the time. Why risk the health and safety of your trees?

Why Choose Top Turf For Your Deep Root Tree Fertilization Treatment?

Having the right type of fertilization (and combination of nutrients) that your tree needs is crucial. Often this involves assessing the health of the tree and the soil quality.

Top Turf Certified Technicians will give your trees exactly what they need. Our proven deep root tree fertilization treatments are known to provide visible results.

How do we achieve this?

  • Over 20 years of industry experience helps us quickly identify tree issues as well as the correct solutions.
  • Only trained and experienced tree professionals will do your job.
  • We have the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and safely.
  • Our Top Turf Certified Technicians also offer important advice about long term tree health and maintenance.
  • We follow strict safety procedures to ensure that our customers and staff are safe.
  • We offer a detailed and accurate estimate; no surprises, no hidden charges.

Top Turf deep root treatment offers the right balance of fertilizer and tree nutrients directly into the root base of the tree, maximizing the impact on the root system.